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Foto: D.H.G. Besuch beim Frühstück / Big Island/ Hawaii

Weisheit der Indianer

Story of the bird ´s nest

One day a man whose mind was open to the teaching of the powers wandered in the prairie. As he walked, his eyes upon the ground, he spied a bird ´s nest hidden in the grass, and arrested his feet just in time to prevent stepping on it. He paused to look at the little nest tucked away so snug and warm, and noted that it held six eggs and that a peeping sound came from some of them . While he watched, one moved and soon a tiny bill pushed through the shell, uttering a shrill cry. At once the parent birds answered and he looked up to see where they were. They were not far off; they were flying about in search of food, chirping the while to each other and now and then calling to the little one in the nest.
The homely scene stirred the heart and the thoughts of the man as he stood there under the clear sky, glancing upward toward the old birds and then down to the helpless young in the nest at his feet. As he looked he thought of his people, who were so often careless and thoughtless of their children´s needs, and his mind brooded over the matter. After many days he desired to see the nest again. So he went to the place where he had found it, and there it was as safe as when he had left it. But a change had taken place. It was now full to overflowing with little birds, who were stretching their wings, balancing on their little legs and making ready to fly, while the parents with encouraging calls were coaxing the fledglings to venture forth.
„Ah!“ said the man, “if my people would only learn of the birds, and , like them, care for their young and provide for their future, homes would be full and happy, and our tribe be strong and prosperous.“
When this man became a priest, he told the story of the bird´s nest and sang its song; and so it has come down to us from the days of our fathers.

Foto: D.H.G. Japanisches Mädchen am Strand von Waikiki / Oahu / Hawaii

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